Did you know that Motuara Island was used for farming at the start of the 20 th century? It wasn’t before the early 1900’s that the place was officially named a reserve. It was then that the native people worked very hard to bring all the birds and plants back to the way they used to be. The island
was freed from predators and now visitors can freely roam through the nature reserve to enjoy watching birds nesting in their natural habitat without scaring them away.

Even though there have been no proper replanting programs to return the island to its natural plantation, most of the low forest that you will see has re-emerged in the 70 plus years since its conservation.

Some of the most well-loved birds on the island include South Island saddleback, yellow-crowned parakeets, robins, via tui, fantails, rowi, king shag, terns,white-faced herons, shearwaters and bellbirds. If you have kids along, they will be delighted to see penguins in their boxes with little
chicks. If you are anything of a bird fan, you will be amazed to know that also present on the Motuara Island are Okarito brown kiwi.

To get to the island, you will need to take a boat, a kayak, or can even take a cruise ship. Once you are on the island, you can take a guided tour or roam free as per your wishes. There is no worry about eating as the island offers your options. If you want, you can also pack a picnic for your loved
ones. Just make sure that you do not bring along any kind of animal with you, as the island has been declared predator free before the start of the nature reserve. No animal should be on your boat or in your gear as that is against the rules of the island reserve.