Photo: Janice McKenna



Welcome to our living classroom!

At Zealandia, students and teachers can walk through a regenerating forest thriving with rare and endangered wildlife. Our sanctuary is a living classroom that provides outstanding education opportunities for all ages.

The interactive exhibition will take students on a journey of restoration. Our ongoing conservation effort has created the perfect environment for young minds to thrive alongside the rare and endangered wildlife that call our sanctuary home.

Education programmes:

Zealandia provide a range of environmental education programmes and resources that give students and teachers positive and inspiring nature-based experiences – both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Support for LEOTC (Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom) curriculum.
  • Positive environmental experiences for students and teachers alike.
  • Guidelines for the incorporation of many curriculum objectives.
  • Guides and educators with experience and knowledge to share.

Bookings & enquiries

"In spite of the wet conditions everyone enjoyed the visit and the photos we took are a great reminder of what we saw. We are now following up with lots of writing and art. Special thanks to the educators - small groups make the whole experience more enjoyable and effective."

St. Brigids Primary School

"I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge shared with our group. The use of technology as we walked and the friendly manner shown towards ourselves and our students was very relatable for teenage boys."

Rathkeale College

"What an amazing place and experience! Such a valuable resource where so much learning happens, and people who are passionate about their job impart knowledge and make you want to know more. Our children (and adults alike!!!) were enthralled and inspired.[…] The children appreciated what this place means and were making connections from what they were learning"

Kaiti Primary School