Takahē ‘T2’ turns twenty

November 26, 2014

Takahe "T2" and "Puffin" (photo by Alfred Kaka)

Today I’m flying down to the wetlands on a secret mission – a surprise visit to Takahē ‘T2’ to interview him as part of his 20th birthday celebrations. I glide …

Meet the Hutt Mana Bush Explorers!

November 11, 2014

Photo by Peter Fisher

Last year, a grant was secured to enable children from low decile schools in the Hutt and Mana region to visit ZEALANDIA.  The programme provided free transport for eligible schools to …

Zealandia to Honour Volunteers

October 13, 2014


Every  year, we present awards to volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to the sanctuary. Three awards are presented each year at our traditional Volunteers BBQ*. Award for Outstanding Contributions …

VIDEO: The Pāteke Stomp

October 13, 2014


PhD student, Katie Sheridan recently captured a video of a pāteke that has developed an interesting feeding technique. Usually, these dabbling ducks will turn their heads to the side and …

Free Monthly Wallpaper – Wellington Green Gecko

July 22, 2014

Wallpaper - Gecko - 1440x900

The Wellington Green Gecko (moko kākāriki) is sometimes known as the “barking gecko” because of the defensive barking call it makes when threatened. They are a subspecies of gecko found …

Elusive pateke are hiding where you least expect them

June 30, 2014

Katie Sheridan - Photo by Janice McKenna

Katie Sheridan is studying Pateke (Brown Teal) at ZEALANDIA. While she was looking for the elusive ducks in the wetlands, our “eye in the sky” Alfie Kaka caught up with …

Free Monthly Wallpaper – Ruru (Morepork)

June 20, 2014

Wallpaper - Ruru - 1920x1080

Morepork are named for the sound of their call and spend their nights silently swooping through the forest in search of food. Their favourite foods are anything small enough to catch – …

Fuchsia – an attractive, bird-friendly solution for your damp gully

March 31, 2014

Fuchsia procumbens. Illlustration by Eleanor Burton

Alfie here! Today I’m chatting to Eleanor Burton about bird friendly native plants, and especially our native fuchsia. Eleanor is in charge of the collections database at Otari, and is …

Ti kouka: a feast for birds big and small

December 6, 2013

Large clusters of scented flowers form berries that birds love

Alfie here, and today I’m talking about another bird-friendly plant in Wellington, and interviewing long time Zealandia volunteer guide, and conservationist, Des Smith.  I flew up to meet him in …

Alfie, Sirocco and a not so bird-brained philosophy

August 27, 2013

Sirocco at Zealandia, photo: Bill Beale

Alfie here; I’ve just caught up again with Sirocco for a photo shoot and interview just before he began another evening’s round of parties at his plush Zealandia hotel.  (He’s …