Matariki from a historical perspective

June 7, 2016

Photo Credit: photo credit Fred Locklear zAmb0ni

Historically, te reo Māori was an oral language and Matariki (Māori New Year) was a time when knowledge was shared orally, as in reciting whakapapa (family trees). Matariki was also …


May 30, 2016

Fly Amanita. Photo Credit: Janice McKenna

Recently, the ZEALANDIA Walking Group enjoyed not only the beautiful, still Autumnal Valley/Turbine Track, but also an unexpected on-site talk by Volunteer/Guide, Chris Moore, about Fungi. He explained the most easily …

An Apprentice’s Journey

May 3, 2016


Ashley Joy started volunteering at ZEALANDIA through the Gateway program back in 2012. Without a clear direction for his future career, Ash learnt about New Zealand’s natural world. Very quickly …

Robin Party

April 27, 2016


This story depends on you knowing two things. First is that whenever you visit a kākā nest box there is ‘local’ robin who will come and check you out. Second …

Podocarps: Plants That Heal

April 20, 2016

Totara fruit ripening 3a AB 5-05

Here is a profile of fascinating facts about three of ZEALANDIA’s podocarp or Southern Hemisphere conifer trees. You’ll spot them when you wander along ZEALANDIA’s many tracks. These three podocarps …

Maud Island Frog Survey

April 5, 2016

Maud Island Frog (6) - Photo by Chris Helliwell

Recently we completed ten counts of all visible Maud Island frogs in their enclosures over five nights in February and five nights in March. The Maud Island frogs at ZEALANDIA are held in …

Poisonous Plants of the Sanctuary

April 4, 2016


Do you know your tutu from your supplejack? You’d be wise not to eat any asparagus-like shoots in the bush if you’re not sure! In 2014 tramper Matthew Pike found …

Wherefore art thou Spotted Skinks?

March 8, 2016


On Thursday 28th January, 2016, 45 rare Spotted skinks were released onto the slope above Tui Terrace. This was the first time in 5 years that a new species was …

A Musical Look and Listen

February 5, 2016


I love to go a-walking along Zealandia`s tracks, And as I go, I love to sing [ silently ] My backpack [ plus trusted muesli bar or 2 ] on …

Introducing Professor David Bibby

February 1, 2016


ZEALANDIA has some new skills on the table following the announcement of a new Trustee… Karori Sanctuary Trust, which manages Zealandia, announced recently the appointment of Professor David Bibby (CNZM, …