If you want to check out one of the largest privately owned wildlife sanctuary, then Cape Sanctuary is the place you have been looking for. It is located on the three properties of Cape Kidnappers peninsula. The initiative was taken by Andy Lowe, a visionary who wanted to bring the native wildlife back to its original habitat. The wildlife includes everything from land birds to sea birds, reptiles to invertebrates. The place was made predator free for the 2500 ha headland in 2007 so that they could not reduce the native wildlife population.

What is so amazing about the conservatory is that it is run mostly on private funds and a team of very loving and dedicated volunteers. The place has become home to the excessively rare petrels, and the Eastern Brown Kiwi. There are many other birds, reptiles and invertebrates too. Some of the most fascinating ones include blue penguins, brown teal, tomtit, rifleman, robin, oystercatcher and whitehead.

The place is perfect for a fun family day. Your kids will happily want to spend the entire day looking at and connecting with the different animals present on the island. You and your spouse or other adult family members can also take a walk in the reserve, eat in the lounge and have a great time without thinking about the stress and worries of a normal, routine day. Just make sure you reach the place in daylight hours as there is quite a lot to see. If you reach in the evening, you may miss out on some of the birds or animals that are only awake at day time.

The island reserve also does not allow the presence of any kind of animals like cats, dogs, possums etc. as they can harm the endangered species living there. So be sure to leave your pets and your devices at home to experience a truly earthy and nature-filled experience.